Art world, meet aesthetic intelligence.

The art world is noisy. We’re looking at some of the quieter insights that drive people’s intuitions about art.

ArtAdvisor is a machine-learning algorithm that works with large sets of data about artists to better understand their cultural significance, and make predictions about their trajectories.

Think Zagat meets Art History Ph.D.


One. The art world doesn’t exactly invite you in...

Two. And not everyone has a degree in art history or a friend who’s an insider.

Three. That doesn’t mean people should be kept out of the art world and its circle of ideas and personalities (which really are interesting and compelling).

Four, five, and six. ArtAdvisor is your professor when you’re curious, your advisor when you see something you can’t live without, and your encyclopedia for all things art-related.

Seven. It’s everyone’s art-brain.


To quantify and reinforce our aesthetic intuitions, mapping them onto the current artistic landscape. To understand what drives visual culture, and what actually determines historical significance in the arts. To empower curiosity and understanding in art.


Hugo Liu, Technology

Hugo is a pioneer in cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence. Before AA, he was the Chief Scientist of taste prediction app,, which was acquired by eBay in 2011. He has a Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab.

Lucas Zwirner, Art

An author and publisher of art criticism, Lucas graduated from Yale where he studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature. Currently he is the Editor at David Zwirner Books, the publishing division of David Zwirner Gallery.


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